True perfection is made to measure - Absolute precision 1 boiler for the steam + separate water tanks specifically for espresso coffee Steam needs a different temperature than espresso does. In a conventional machine it’s difficult to separate the two, so the machine resorts to a method that can compromise the quality in the coffee cup. With the Plus 4 You each brew group has its own water tank, which guarantees maximum stability. Different blends, same excellent results Every blend requires specific conditions to render the finest quality in the cup. With the Plus 4 You the temperature in each brew group can be regulated independently. This absolute flexibility guarantees the solution best suited to the various blends. - Total control The temperature can be adjusted digitally at three different points on the machine:
  • Steam boiler
  • Coffee water tank
  • Brew group
The digital control system continually adjusts the setting, guaranteeing precision and consistency. Speed, simplicity and precision help to achieve the desired quality. - Stability in every condition A sophisticated system of electronic controls keeps changes in the temperature of the water to less than 1 degree, compared to the 6 degrees of conventional machines. The quality remains constant throughout the day, from the first to the one hundredth espresso. - Pouring with zero defects The auto-diagnostic feature on the Plus 4 You compares the parameters of each individual output to standard values for an ideal output, providing the barista with real-time information on the final product being prepared. If the extraction is flawed, the system can indicate possible causes and suggest the best solutions with simple messages that appear on the display panel. Parameter settings for the barista Display functions
  • cup warming temperature settings
  • steam temperature settings
  • auto steamer temperature settings
  • clock settings
  • visualization of output statistics
Parameter settings for the technician Smart card Inserted with settings:
  • standard
  • pre-setting for type of coffee
Display manual settings input
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