Energy Savings

The secret to giving it your best? Learn to manage energy. Distribute power only to where it’s needed Special software enables the Plus 4 You to learn how workloads vary throughout different times of the day and week and to self-adjust accordingly, activating indispensable services and functions from one period to the next. Energy is distributed only where and when it’s needed. An example? At a restaurant the Plus 4 You works more during certain times of the day (from 12:30 to 3:00), while the rest of the time it has to stay on and be ready to use. The Plus 4 You automatically switches the brew groups to standby when there isn’t much work and then makes them work more during the lunch shift. If the barista should require all the brew groups to function at once, the machine can be switched to manual. In 60 seconds (the time it takes to measure the coffee and prepare the saucers) the brew groups are perfectly in line with the proper temperature. Energy saving during downtime A special system switches the machine to energy-saving mode at night to keep it on at the minimum temperature required in order to avoid thermal shock, with minimal energy consumption. The next morning the Plus 4 You is ready to work at full capacity in just a few minutes, and even the first coffees produced are excellent. With other machines, if the barista wishes to save energy, the machine needs to be turned off, which creates thermodynamic stress that deteriorates the materials and compromises the lifespan of the appliance. If, on the other hand, he or she decides to leave it on all night, it will consume just as much energy as it would if it were functioning at full capacity.
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