Research And Innovation

Coffee and the spirit of innovation: what do they have in common? They are both evergreen and they yield perfect fruit. It’s in our DNA. To continue growing with respect for the environment: this is the challenge we face every day as we strive to make the most of the best trends in the field of design. We have a top-notch R&D department and technical office where we explore the opportunities offered by today’s technology to develop improvements that can be applied to the great tradition of Italian espresso. Astoria’s greatest technological achievement is the Plus 4 You, the first energy-saving espresso coffee machine. Its absolute stability, even under heavy workloads and in any climate, guarantees that this Astoria flagship model delivers optimal results, even in conditions of extreme use. An innovative electronic system manages the brew groups individually and controls the temperatures of each. This sophisticated control system guarantees that the quality will remain constant throughout the day, from the first to the one hundredth espresso. The Plus 4 You comes with an auto-diagnostic feature that helps the barista to recognize any errors in the extraction of the coffee and suggests the best solutions for the problem through simple messages on the display panel. New frontiers in our research: Wireless connections between machine / company
  • modification of the parameters
  • verification of conditions of use
  • supply statistics
Connection between client / extranet Astoria
  • download parameters of the machine related to the blend used (from library)
  • diagnostics of machine functions
  • parameter repairs
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