All over the world, coffee speaks Italian. Astoria speaks all the languages in the world of coffee.
To expand the culture of espresso coffee, first you have to respect the different customs and cultures of consumers in different countries.
London, Paris, New York… but also Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai … you can enjoy the taste of a coffee prepared with an Astoria machine anywhere in the world.
Today we are on five continents in 130 countries in the world and our customers can count on a wide network of business and technical services.

Astoria International: Susegana, Treviso GEEC – Astoria Usa: Greensboro, North Carolina exclusive distributor for the Astoria brand in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Mce: Timisoara, Romania company specialized in the distribution of the Astoria brand throughout Eastern Europe, including Russia and the former Soviet republics CMA France – Astoria: Paris Kaapi – Astoria: Bangalore, India Italian-German-Indian company in one of the most strategic outposts for Astoria in the Asian market
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